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Altiers Stone

Stone can be an excellent material choice because of its durability, low maintenance, recyclability, and natural aesthetic features that can be incorporated into any masonry, hardscape, and decor project easily and effectively. Most of our stones are available in both full and thin veneers, while other stones are produced solely for thin veneer applications.

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Specifically Thin Stones

Altiers provides a wide range of thin stones for the continued growth of thin stone usage due to cost and construction economies, ease of use and design, and the growing range of attachment methods including thin set, thick set, precast, and mechanically fastened systems.

Popular Stone

  • Shouldice Designer Series Dimensional Stone

    Shouldice Architectural Stone, with its' broad selection of profiles, textures, colors, and sizes, provides everything you need to create an enduring impact for years to come. Revealing natural aggregate colors perfectly reflecting contemporary design trends from the basics of Ultra White and Colby to the distinction of Briar and Galaxy.

  • Contempo

    Contempo stone adds elegance to modern designs through its' elemental colors, smooth surfaces, clean clines, and linear feeling. This fluid stone system fits today's design trend perfectly, coursing and combined easily with the gracefully textured Granada stone for fresh, sophisticated options.

  • Granada

    Granada Stone's fresh, marbled color compositions make Granada an adaptable stone for today's chic design trends. Offered in an array of alluring colors, Granada's unique textured combine easily with our clay and concrete bricks, and especially well with the sleek, smooth Contempo for unique design options.

  • Contempo/Granada Mix

    Contempo Granada Stone is a customizable blend of both marbled and smooth finishes.

  • Smith Stone

    Smith Stone projects the perfect balance of a moderately rugged stone face with a contemporary appeal of clean, horizontal lines randomly, yet tastefully, broken with variable length and height dimensions. Together, these qualities make Smith Stone a perfect reflection of our times and your sophisticated good taste.

  • Top Tier Stone and Veneer

    Top Tier Stone and Veneer fabricates premier quarried stone for natural thin Stone Veneer, Full Stone Veneer, Boulders, Wall Stone, Flag Stone, and more... Including Thin Brick Veneer!

  • Edwards Stone

    Edwards Stone quarries are strategically located across the United States, allowing nationwide access to our extensive product line with a variety of colors and profiles; including thin veneer.

  • Artiste 2

    Artiste 2 stone's enhanced aesthetics, like straight top and bottom edges and beautifully blended new earth tone colors help deliver cleaner lines and a more natural-looking hand-crafted stone appearance. Artiste 2 allows for a variety of configurations by mixing sizes, lengths, and combining with other bricks and decorative claddings.

  • Newport Stone

    Newport Stone has two stone sizes that combine to produce a striking and distinctly natural look. A percentage of the stones have a rocked profile to add depth, substance, and intensity to any wall.

  • Q-Stone

    Q-Stone features a distinctly antiqued rock face with larger stones than most products offer. These may be harmoniously blended into timelessly rugged, yet beautifully unique designs enhanced by a broad range of color tones.

  • Estate Stone

    Estate Stone has versatility in style and ten luxurious colors that make a timeless, bold statement to beautifully express your style whether traditional or contemporary.

  • Shale Stone

    Shale Stone conveys distinct impressions of legacy, performance, rounded rocky surfaces that create a powerful, natural stone impression. Shale Stone creates a fabulous look matched only by Mother Nature herself.

  • Vivace

    VIVACE Stone's rich, bold colors and chiseled stone aesthetics provides form and function with 4", 7" and optional 11-1/2" heights and random lengths.

  • Prestige Manufactured Veneer Stone

    Prestige Manufactured Veneer Stone's molding process replicates nature's own profile for a natural stone appearance.

  • Provia Manufactured Veneer Stone

    Provia's enhanced coloring process combines artisan crafting with a state-of-the-art manufacturing process involving special molds and multiple stages of hand-layering rich pigments.

  • Casa di Sassi

    Casa di Sassi is a family-owned business that manufactures quality stone veneer products in the heart of Ohio and distributes them nationwide. Our veneers are inspired by genuine stones found in nature. And each profile retains the timeless look of old-world European style.

  • Coronado

    Coronado Stone has been the leading innovator in the manufactured stone industry for over sixty years by offering and extensive line of products and colors while replicating the most sought after natural stone varieties in the world to enhance any architectural style.

  • Stone Inspirations

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